Please visit our Facebook page and check out the files section. All UK and European litters are listed there. For USA litters, please go to but if you do import and intend to breed, please contact Jackie so the pedigrees are compatible with dogs already in UK.

This is Geo and Trix, both Edenvillage dogs. Trix had EIGHT puppies! (26/6/18) 5 male, 3 female. All well and Trix is being a super mummy. This should be a fantastic litter from a truly wonderful pairing. Both Geo & Trix’s pedigrees have very good (low scoring) hips in them, and their characters are simply wonderful. Geo is a soulful softy with a real affinity with kids and a true companion. Trix is bright, sparkly & caring – we call her ‘love sponge’ and ‘Nurse Trix’ because that’s what she does all day – soaking up love and re-distributing it to all those in need of affection.

**There is one male puppy available, (as of 17/7/18) none have been chosen yet but 7 puppies are spoken for.**

Please contact for more information or contact Jackie, thanks.




This is Shola and Max. Shola is a qualified search and rescue dog and Max is a loving pet. Shola’s hip score is 5:5=10 total and Max’s is 4:4=8 total. Shola has been scanned which showed eight puppies! She should give birth in August. Please contact or contact Jackie, thanks.


This is Kandi and Hudson. Kandi is doing well in competitive obedience and Hudson is a loving pet. Kandi’s hip score is 5:9=14 and Hudson’s is 6:6=12. They have been bred and puppies are due some time in Aug/Sept. Please contact thanks.