Please visit our Facebook page and check out the files section. All UK and European litters are listed there. For USA litters, please go to but if you do import and intend to breed, please contact Jackie so the pedigrees are compatible with dogs already in UK.


“Wyn” Edenvillage Imani (left pic) was artificially inseminated with semen from “Duke” Cadron Creek’s Duke is a Dandy (centre pic) and bred to “Monty” Edenvillage Gorgeous George (right pic) on 11th and 12th September 2017. Wyn has the same hip score as Monty (total 9) and Duke’s hips were certified with PennHip at 0.31/0.29.

Puppies will hopefully be due around 11th November.

Wyn is a Betty (Adam x Eve) / Stan puppy and is a confident, friendly and lively girl. She is great with all people and dogs.

Jackie will be raising the puppies using the protocol and will be giving information to puppy owners for watching/reading BEFORE their puppy is ready to take home, once deposits have been taken. There is no better start in life for puppies than this programme.