19/07/2021 Madge met up with Teddy from Switzerland, and hopefully puppies will result from their liaison!
🤞 💕

Teddy is an amazing boy. He lives with 5 children and loves them all. He is not reactive whatsoever (dogs were barking at him the whole time which he seemed oblivious to) and ignored chickens, cats and horses at the farm. He has excellent (A1) hips and is clear of all 200+ genetic health risks which are DNA tested by Embark.

Madge is a very special girl. She is a typical English Shadow and loves nothing better than being with her humans. She loves children. She is not reactive and ignores other dogs for the most part. She showed good instincts for herding but will only do it for me; she won’t just work for anyone. She is clear of all the Embark tests apart from she has one copy of MDR1. This has given her no problems whatsoever. She has average hips, which is why I wanted to use a dog with excellent hips.

There should be black & tans and tricolours in this litter, as Madge’s coat colour will hide Teddy’s red. However these pups will carry that gene for future generations. We will scan her at 4 weeks and let you know if we definitely have an impending litter!