Please visit and check out the files section. All UK and European litters are listed there. For USA litters, please go to but if you do import and intend to breed, please contact Jackie so the pedigrees are compatible with dogs already in UK.








“Izi” Izanami of Edenvillage (left pic) was bred to “Monty” Edenvillage Gorgeous George (centre pic) and “Alfie” Edenvillage Iestyn (right pic).

WE HAVE PUPPIES!!! Izi had 8 puppies on 8th January, 5 males and 3 females. Easy delivery and the puppies are gaining weight nicely. This should be a fantastic litter for either working or active companionship homes. DNA tests have verified that one male and one female are Monty’s, and all the other puppies are Alfie’s.

Jackie will be raising them using the protocol and will be giving information to puppy owners for watching/reading BEFORE their puppy is ready to take home, once deposits have been taken. There is no better start in life for puppies than this programme.