Izi (Izanami of Edenvillage – named after the first woman in Japanese mythology) is a typical English Shepherd. When there is nothing to do, she does nothing. When there is work to do, she’s first in line.

11222636_10155883664445442_5741360837711285317_nShe loves children and sleeps on my grandsons bed when he stays here. He feels she will protect him, and I have no doubt she would if the need arose! She is quite a sensitive girl. She would have been a fantastic agility prospect had I taken her down that route.

Izi is a good guard dog but stands down easily. She is a smaller English Shepherd, 19″ at the shoulder and 38lbs.

Izi has the best hip score of any breeding female in UK – 3:3=6 and is DNA tested CEA and PRA clear. She is MDR1 Normal/Normal. She has had 2 litters, one to Stan and one to an Adam x Dora son. She will have one last litter before retiring.