Hello! We are Jackie and Jim Graves, the first English Shepherd breeder in the UK. We imported the first English Shepherd since this beautiful breed was taken to USA by the settlers 300 years ago. They were preserved there, and the breed was outbred in the UK. Edenvillage brought them back to their home country.

Eve of Edenvillage came to us in 2006. We have imported four other English Shepherds since then, from differing lines to preserve genetic diversity. We will always be indebted to the open-minded breeders who have helped us make our dream come true.

As you can see, the English Shepherd has not changed since the English farmers used it as an all purpose farm companion. The paintings are of Queen Victoria’s dogs, Noble and Fern. These were painted around 1875. The photographs are two dogs we bred, Keita and Abbie.

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“Unrefined to this day, English Shepherds still possess antique features once common to all early shepherd dogs — its broad head, varying ear carriages & tail lengths, its half-coat, its multi-purpose working type & its sagacity remain hallmarks of the breed. These dogs are living history. What many shepherding dogs once were, the English Shepherd still is.”

 Vivian Flynt, Breed Historian