About Jackie

I have always loved dogs. I was born in my parent’s house and in that house was a dog. I can’t remember ever being without dogs around. I went to my first obedience class at Wilton Dog Training Club when I was 10 years old.

We had a beautiful Irish Setter Tara – and I won some rosettes with her. When she died we got another Irish Setter, Dana. She was a rescue and had some behavioural problems. She became my dog and I loved her so much. She was bonkers and a challenge but we loved each other. She died when I was 22.

Just after that I got my own flat and bought a puppy from a pet shop who was to be my constant companion and best friend for the next 16 years. As a partnership, Elsa and I were very successful in agility. She was an amazing dog, I only had to show her something once and she understood. She saw me through many ups and down in my life. I seem to have spent most of my life trying to recreate my wonderful Elsa.  Obviously no two dogs are the same but the English Shepherd comes close.

When I met my lovely husband Jim in 2002, I told him about my dream to one day import an English Shepherd from USA. I thought it was just that, a dream. But Jim told me I shouldn’t give up on it, I should look into how easy/difficult it would be. After much discussion with many breeders, I got my first English Shepherd in 2006.

Our ESs come from one side of the USA to the other; they are unrelated to ensure no inbreeding. We are slowly starting to see what the different lines bring to the breed here in UK and strive to ensure both health and temperament are paramount when considering any breeding pair.

English Shepherds are now my life, I love talking about them and I’m learning all the time!