Athelstan of Edenvillage


Athelstan of Edenvillage (Named after the first King of England) is the only sable ES in the Edenvillage kennel. I am a black and tan fan but couldn’t resist Stan’s charms.

stan_3He is from a line of very easy going dogs and was imported from USA to counteract some of the guardiness in the UK gene pool. He is unbelievably easy to train and he seems to live to do my bidding. He is of the larger size (32kg) but is very agile and has a fantastic turn of pace.

Great with other dogs, children and people, Stan’s only fault is he hates to get things wrong. Positive training is the only way to go with a dog like Stan. However, although he seems wimpish when told off, he bounces back very easily. I believe he could turn his paw to any kind of work, but is equally happy being my pet. Everyone who meets Stan wants to take him home!

He has sired 4 litters (32 puppies), one to Izi, one to an Adam x Dora daughter, one to an Adam x Eve daughter and one to an Adam x Eve granddaughter. He is available for stud to approved bitches.